Rajah Sharma is a published author, healer, yoga educator, and developer of Maanas Yoga…Fearless Living. Rajah is originally from India. He uses both esoteric mystical knowledge and Quantum Science to point the way to a balanced life. Once an accomplished nightclub owner and a restaurateur, Rajah Sharma diligently worked for the last decade to leap out of the ordinary, mundane lifestyle to create an energizing and insightful message for the world.

Even though he is a patron of Western yoga, he believes that the Western world does not understand the true power of yoga, thus he developed Maanas Yoga…Fearless Living, a yogic system and technology of consciousness for personal growth. He believes it is time for us to expand from the fascination of the body and lower mind into the realm of Higher intelligence. Yoga practitioners and teachers are the pioneers of the New Age of consciousness. Rajah invites you to take part in this paradigm shift. You have the opportunity to be trailblazers…are you going to seize this opportunity?

With the goal of creating a shift in life, Rajah has designed a signature tour to create a conscious change in the year of 2017. It is not a simple tour but a Sadhana that will continue for 90 days, beginning January 14th 2017. The cosmos aligns the human body & mind during certain times of the year; Uttarayan by far is the most powerful time. If you want to align your body, mind, and spirit, this will be a perfect trip for you to consider.

The celestial arrangements change after the winter solstice on Dec 22nd and in the weeks to follow the sun will start to create a shift from south to north, which is known as Uttaryayan. The sun which is over the tropic of Capricorn is going to start to shift towards the north. The first weeks of the Uttarayan until the Equinox in march is a period which is identified as a period of blessing, where the human consciousness will have the most possibility to blossom and access the cosmic grace. The Vedic History has several great souls who have taken advantage of this transition, including Bhisma Pitama of Mahabharata, Gautama Buddha also attained on the third full moon day after Uttaryayan and numerable sages, siddhas, and yogis who have made the transition during this period. The summer solstice is for purification and the winter solstice, specifically, Uttarayan is for enlightenment. This is the time for harvesting the food grains but also human potential.

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